Makenzi brand with the brand name of “Makenzi” and with the slogan “Moments must be lived” was born in 1397 to produce and meet the needs of customers.

 In the year 2020, this brand has been chosen as consumers` most popular brand in ‘canned tuna’ production group; in the year 2021, in ‘tomato paste’ and ‘canned tuna’ it has been selected as consumers` most popular brand as well. At Makenzi, we always strive to take stronger steps towards the achievement of the goals and a brighter future and to satisfy customers by designing and producing a diverse portfolio of products in line with the brand slogan.

Makenzi believes that, at any moment, it can be unrepeatable and unique; therefore, it has decided to present new and varied products including:

  1. Tuna with 5 different flavors (regular, chili, smoked, olive, dill)
  2. Tomato paste in different sizes and weights
  3. Canned beans itself, and with mushrooms for different tastes
  4. Canned eggplant dishes
  5. Canned sweet corns
  6. Canned green beans
  7. Pickles

So that you would never be worried about preparing your meals and, with peace of mind, you would always soak up the enjoyment of the moments.